Buying a Horse Float For the First Time

Buying a Horse Float For the First Time

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It can be very confusing working out what type of horse float you need. How wide does it need to be? Is there a height requirement? Can my car tow it safely? What options are out there?
This fantastic article explains the types of floats available and the purpose they have. This will make it easier to decide what type of float will suit your situation best.
If you still aren’t sure what you want, don’t hesitate to send us a message or view what we currently have available. We are more than happy to help.

Holiday Travel Preparation for Your Car and Float

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Travel Prep for your Car and Float

With the longer holidays coming, the horse floats specialists at Trailer Tech have come up with a checklist for your car and float o make sure you and your horse travel safely.

  • Check tyre pressure and inflate tyres if needed
  • Check for wear and bald spots on tyres
  • Book in for a full service and safety check, OR
  • Check water, brake and transmission fluids and top up if necessary
  • Fill petrol tank and make sure the gauge is working properly
  • Subscribe to a 24 hour breakdown service, just in case
  • Don’t overload with unnecessary items or exceed towing capacity
  • Test lights and indicators are working
  • Check electric brakes

By ensuring your  car and float are mechanically safe will ensure a safe and happy trip for you and your faithful equine buddy.

10% Off Standard 2 Horse Float

Hi guys,

With the holiday season fast approaching, we decided our gift to you is 10% off the purchase of a standard 2 horse float! Now is the perfect time to update with a brand new float for the new Pony Club and show seasons next year.

Making sure your float is mechanically sound and safe for your precious horses is paramount. That is why we offer a range of high-quality floats to suit every need and requirement. This is also the perfect time to check your brakes and tyres for those long distance travels or even the Pony Club rally just up the road.

Not sure what type of float will suit your needs? We are here to help you in any way we can to make sure towing your horse is as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

Take a look at our Home page or  contact us today to secure your discount.

Horse on the Road

Travelling with Horses

Horses are incredibly intelligent animals. They are bigger than us, stronger and quicker than we are which means they can cause some major damage to themselves and us when not taken care of properly – especially on the road.

It’s a known fact that horses are easily frightened by loud sounds like motor vehicles. This means that to transport a horse, you must be incredibly careful especially if they aren’t trained for transport.

Before setting off on your journey, there are many things that need to be considered. You will need to plan a route, to avoid extreme heat or cold, to limit the stops and starts. It is recommended to travel at night, as temperatures will be lower in the summer months and your horses could be more relaxed at night.

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